The Johanniter Hostel Khoaeb Otavi was built in 1987 by the initiative of some farmers with the financial support of Johanniter International Assistance Germany and offers 100 farm worker children from the Otavi area a second home during school time.

The home also houses the Johanniter Pre Primary School, which is attended by 50 pre-school children, and has a computer room and a library. Free internet access allows the children to explore and have fun with their school projects.

At Shalom Primary School in Otavi we support a class of 15 children with learning disabilities and at Khorab Secondary School we are partners of the prevocational branch.

The dormitory has four residential buildings, each with a teacher’s apartment, which ensures individual care for the children. There the boys and girls are accommodated in different age groups. In addition to the “all-round care”, each educator is also responsible for an administrative area; finances, hygiene, discipline and garden.

Three balanced meals are cooked every day for the children and the staff.

The board of directors, consisting of farmers and farmers’ wives from the Otavis area, as well as a representative from each of the home and school staff, runs the school and manages all finances.

Within the framework of the Johanniter Home and Christian principles, the different cultural groups should be able to get to know and understand each other.

The children learn in the preschool

Im Johanniter Schülerheim lernen die Kinder in der Vorschule

Playing is part of everyday life

Spielen gehört zum Alltag der Kinder im Schülerheim

All children have safe and clean places to sleep

Das Schülerheim bietet Schlafplätze für die Kinder der Umliegenden Farmen

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